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Building Maintenance

Spring Into Action With Your Building Maintenance
by Todd Porter

When your current or potential clients visit your premises, they would really rather not see building faults.

When you cast a discerning eye over your office, do any problems or imperfections arise? Many faults are simple to correct and attention to detail will almost always impact positively on your business. Any issues concerning OH & S should be directly dealt with, and many faults are the result of deferred maintenance.

Make use of this quick checklist below, and get relief from the stress and worry after their correction from the experts, Built Rite Constructions:

Exterior of Building

Street Numbers - Are they visible from street, well maintained and prominent?

Exterior Paintwork - Is there any peeling or flaking paint?

Exterior Surfaces - Any holes, breaks, deterioration, missing or unsecured sections?

Windows and Doors - Is there cracks or breaks in the glass? Deterioration of trim? Peeling and flaking paint? Are they
tight fitting, weatherproof and easily opened?

Roofs - Loose tiles or shingles? Worn, missing or unsecured roofing materials including flashing?

Drainage - Gutters and downpipes rusted, disconnected, unsecured and missing sections? Accumulation of leaves and debris in gutters?

Any holes, breaks, deterioration, wood decay, missing or unsecured sections in the areas below?

Chimneys, Porches/Decks, Handrails and guardrails, Stairways, Flooring, Structural members

Interior of Building
Smoke detectors in sleeping areas and on each floor level Interior Surfaces - Any peeling paint, cracked or loose plaster, holes or uneven surfaces, wood decay? Carpets and floor tiles - Is the carpet worn, lifting or rotting? Are tiles secure, free of chips or missing in areas?

Electrical System
Are all switches and outlets in good working order, recently tested, cover plates in place?Are all lighting fixtures in good working order, secure, no loose or frayed wires? Any extension cords used in lieu of permanent wiring?

Plumbing System
Are the plumbing fixtures in good working order, free of obstructions and leaks, properly installed?

Is the water heater properly installed and in good working order?

 Is the sewerage drainage system in working order?

OH & S
Your are required by OH& S regulations to maintain your working areas so that they are free of defects and are safe for your employees and any visitors or contractors.

Some building repairs require permits, such as structural repairs or plumbing , electrical , and mechanical installations.

Information about which repairs require a permit is available from our office.

Remember, when something looks like an amateur did it, that usually means that's exactly what happened. When dodgy workmanship is present, the materials are often improper for the intended purpose or of cheap or poor quality.

Preventative building maintenance keeps your working areas safe for your employees, visitors and impresses potential clients when they come to visit.

By the way, this list is not complete, other issues may need your attention.

Call Built Rite Constructions today for some helpful information on how to renovate, maintain or Spring clean your business or home today!

Built-Rite Construction Pty Ltd is always ready to answer any further questions you might have about office fitouts and building maintenance.

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